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Collabedit has been a part of your toolkit for years, founded in 2008 in a time before web 2.0 let alone web3. Collabedit has stood the test of time. Although we see that you as users continue to use our collaborative text editor on a daily basis, you also have noticed that collabedit has fallen a bit beyond the technical aspect.

So it is with great pleasure that we today account that Collabedit has become part of the Codeanywhere family.

Future of Collabedit

So what does this mean for the future of Collabedit and you as the user - only good things! First off, Collabedit will stay on as its own entity, so you will be able to continue using it as your go-to collaborative text editor.

But that being said, as the team behind Codeanywhere has created the massively successful and up-to-date Cloud IDE, you will slowly see an update in Collabedit tech to be able to support newer languages.

What is Codeanywhere?

Codeanywhere is a fully-fledged Cloud IDE that has powerful collaboration features built-in. All of the popular programming languages are supported, with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, code navigation, and many more advanced features.

Besides collaborative code editing, Codeanywhere allows you to work together in the terminal, screen share, and chat.

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